Saturday, May 31, 2008


' Jacks Knife Shop'

I hope to interest all you folks out there in Cyberland in not only my' knife' creations
but my literature, poetry, poultry cam, homebrew, music, and philosophy.
My hounds and my horses and my mule, the exciting good times I have had in my life out on the trail and the trapline.
Marksmanship and how I came to be a 'Mastermarksman'.
Trapping and coon hunting and how all the years on the trail and the trapline with my hounds
saved my life several times over,
making me so tough that after several attempts on my life,
{I was reported 'dead' by the local police one of the times}
All my enemys are dead.
I am still here and a multimillionare because of it.
{With some good stories to tell!}
Welcome to 'Jacks Knife Shop' and lets get to it.

J. Winters von Knife
and Sandymay

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