Tuesday, August 26, 2008


August 26th 2008


herlichen grüß, Since my last attempted murder 17 months ago,
I have been getting the FBI, and district attorney-Texas rangers
after the scum who crushed my spine,
and they are going to the pen for 99.5 years, conspiracy.
Most of them are cops and cops don't do well in the pen.
A lawsuit will be a walk through as the other side in the trial
will already be in the pen for just what I am sueing them for.
I intend on breaking two insurance companies.
They will have no defence.

The 53 skinners and stabbers I was working on should be finished by X-mas 2008,
finished and pictures of them posted on my web site.
I hope to greatly expand the web site to have room for pictures as well as more stories.
And I am thinking about including the 'poultry cam' showing my new 'show coop'.
The Rhode Island Reds, and OEG bantums.
The former pantry brewery will be running full steam and Apfelwein is my new specialty.
Of course 'mein Acht pfund Hammerbier' will be the main brew,
being produced at the rate of 60 gallons a month.
But the Apfelwein production will have its own four... 5 gallon carbouys
and even at the rate of a month or two in the carbouys,
Apfelwein production will be about 10 gallons a month.
I intend on the Apfelwein to keep me drinking all summer
after 'mein Hammerbier' is gone.

Now to see if this new addition to my blog works.

J. Winters von Knife

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